Facial Toronto

Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial

Our deep cleansing facial uses the natural materials that target specific problems, such as acne, sensitive skin, wrinkles and other conditions. It is customized to your needs to achieve optimum results. Plus, the combination with organic based products helps in gently and effectively removing dead skin, nourishing and healing skin with natural ingredients, clarifying and refining the pores and leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant. One thing to consider is using it as a monthly maintenance routine since it leaves you feeling fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. Overall, it is an excellent treatment for all skin types.

Alex Beauty Peel


Beauty Peel is a simple and easily performed beauty treatment with instantly visible results. It’s the natural alternative to conventional facial treatment methods such as needling and micro-dermabrasion and provides your skin with radiance and glow. Even after your first treatment!

Beauty Peel has the advantages of the classic herbal peel treatment, without signs of visible peeling. Therefore, an ideal fresh-kick before special events like weddings. It comes with customized treatments as a strengthening and repair after summer, a detox treatment or as an exclusive pampering treatment.

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Ultimate Deep Cleansing75 minutes$139
Alex B-Peel75 minutes$149
Facial Massage75 minutes$198